Wolkenstricker " Ricarda 80s " vintage handknitted cotton embroidered cardigan - size M

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About this true masterpiece by Wolkenstricker ❤️:

This model is called " Ricarda " and handmade in the 80s

Every Wolkenstricker is fully handmade, unique & one of a kind.

This model is very simple & stylish. Fits with al kind of looks. It has beautiful silk paper flower embroidery that was hand dyed using only natural dyes from flowers and herbs! ❤️

Material: 100% cotton

Size: fits till a size M

armpit to armpit: 51cm
armpit to wrist to wrist: 45cm
total length: 54cm


About Wolkenstricker: 

The company Wolkenstricker was founded by Eva Dietrich in 1979, West Germany.

It is her aim, with a high sense of responsibility, to ensure that the art of hand knitting and embroidery are protected and further developed in the future.


Based on the careful examination of wool, natural colours and the long tradition of old hand knitting patterns Eva Dietrich began to create precious jackets, which are not just uniquely beautiful, but also comfortable and with an enduring style.


The second generation is now already continuing the tradition.

Eva’s daughter Konstanze Hofinger develops since years new models and embroidery designs for Wolkenstricker.


A Wolkenstricker jacket is produced with love and without any time pressure. Carefully and masterly created by qualified knitters and embroidery experts. A luxury which can emerge less from material motivation than from ideal appreciation.


The exclusive five hole Wolkenstricker button is unique and protected under patent law.

When sewn onto the fastener bar with a colour-coordinated yarn the letter „W“ is drawn.

The W-button is individually coordinated to the respective Wolkenstricker model.